The public will be required to wear face coverings when visiting Rock County-owned facilities beginning Monday.

Data from the Rock County Public Health Department shows “troubling trends,” including increases in COVID-19 hospitalizations and percentages of positive test results each day, according to a county news release.

Wearing masks is a “key step” in limiting the spread of the coronavirus and allowing businesses, schools and other facilities to remain open, according to the release.

Visitors who show up to county facilities without masks will be given disposable masks before entering. Those who refuse to wear masks will be provided with alternative methods for receiving county services, according to the release.

County-owned facilities include the Rock County Courthouse, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, Rock Haven Nursing Home, the Rock County Public Health Department and the job center.

The announcement comes as several national retailers announced they will require masks in their stores, including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s and Best Buy.

Other retailers in Rock County that are mandating mask-wearing include Target, Menards, Dollar Tree, Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy. Starting Monday, Janesville- based Woodman’s also will require masks at all its stores.

The city of Janesville has required people to wear masks at its facilities since it reopened City Hall early this month.