Rock County public health officials said the county saw an uptick of 13 confirmed positive coronavirus tests and a decline in the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

According to an update from the Rock County Public Health Department, hospitals in Rock County reported treating 16 people with COVID-19 as inpatients as of Friday afternoon. That’s a decrease of four patients compared to Thursday, the county said.

That’s as the county reported 13 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, which brings the total number of confirmed infections to 620, according to county data.

That’s an increase in 100 cases since last Friday compared to an increase of 114 the week before.

18 people have died from complications of COVID-19, but that number is unchanged from earlier this week, the county reported.

All told, the county reports at least 8,326 people have tested negative for the virus as of Friday, including 451 negative tests reported on Friday.