Rock Haven


Eight residents and three employees have tested positive for the coronavirus at Rock Haven, the county’s nursing home, County Administrator Josh Smith said Tuesday.

Two of the residents began displaying symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, over the weekend. They were hospitalized after their test results came back, Smith said.

County officials then learned Tuesday that six more residents at the nursing home had tested positive, bringing the total number of confirmed resident cases to eight.

One of the employees who tested positive is an agency staff member, meaning the person works for the county through a contracted company.

The employee has worked exclusively at Rock Haven recently and has not been in other nursing homes, Smith said.

The three staff members who tested positive are isolating themselves away from the facility, he said.

A majority of staff and residents were tested for the virus over the last week, and results from those tests began coming in Tuesday, Smith said.

The nursing home is receiving groups of test results every few hours.

The recent cases are not the first among the staff. Earlier this month, another Rock Haven employee tested positive for the virus.

The six residents who most recently tested positive are being isolated in their rooms, Smith said. Staff members have been assigned to those residents, and the employees wear full personal protective equipment and do not interact with other residents.

The eight residents who tested positive live in the same household—or area—at the nursing home, which has made isolation easier, Smith said.

He said that household has been “shut down,” meaning no one is allowed in or out unless absolutely necessary.

Information about the positive cases was shared Tuesday with all residents and with those who have loved ones with powers of attorney, Smith said.

He said more positive cases are possible as more test results come in over the next few days.