Health officials have detected COVID-19 in “all major Walworth County communities,” and testing resources are going to people in critical condition, the county said in a news release Friday.

Erica Bergstrom, the county’s public health officer, said in the release that the county has 16 confirmed cases, and the county Division of Public Health is “either monitoring cases or conducting contact investigations in every Walworth County community.”

Testing resources are being used for those who are “critically ill,” the release states. That is changing how to interpret the total number of cases in the county, which “is no longer an accurate measure of the spread of COVID-19.”

In the release, Bergstrom said many people who have “manageable symptoms” are being told to stay home and self-quarantine.

Testing those people, she added, doesn’t affect the course of treatment.

Walworth County updated its figures at 4 p.m. Friday. Beyond the 16 confirmed cases, they show five were hospitalized and nine had recovered.

The county has not reported a death from COVID-19.

“We’re starting to see people fully recover,” Bergstrom said. “We are also finding that people are incredibly cooperative and understanding when we direct them to quarantine.”

The county encouraged those who feel sick to stay home and remain there until a fever is gone for three days (without using fever-reducing medication), symptoms have improved significantly and seven days have passed since symptoms first showed up, the release states.

More information is available on the county’s COVID-19 web page. For local news stories, check gazettextra.com/coronavirus..