The city has activated its level 2 emergency operations status, meaning non-essential services and staff are reduced and access to City Hall is limited.

The actions are meant to slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

City Hall access is limited to the first floor. Customer service will be available at the human resources/attorney window down the hall from the Wall Street entrance, according to a news release.

Visitors are asked to call the appropriate office with questions before visiting City Hall, according to the release.

Core services will be maintained including police, fire, water, wastewater and emergency management.

The following services and staffing will be reduced or temporarily eliminated:

Public works

  • Parking change requests.
  • Traffic studies.
  • Issuing public works contracts.
  • Conducting neighborhood meetings/projects.
  • Wastewater bill processing up to one month.
  • Water meter replacement.
  • Non-emergency preventive maintenance of the distribution system.


  • Training and employee newsletters.
  • Interior property inspections.
  • Recreation programs have been canceled.
  • Hedberg Public Library is closed.

Staff from human resources, IT, attorney’s office, finance, clerk-treasurer’s office, housing, recreation and the library are helping with emergency operations.

City staff are working from home when possible.