Brodhead High School will provide classes online for two weeks after several students tested positive for coronavirus, according to an email from the Green County Health Department.

The email linked a student gathering last week to one high school student testing positive Friday.

Several more students later tested positive, and the health department designated the episode as an outbreak, the email reads.

Twenty-five students who had been in close contact with the infected student were sent home, according to the email.

Several more students identified as being at the gathering also were sent home.

Virtual learning will continue through Sept. 18, and the school will be cleaned Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the email.

The email quotes Superintendent Leonard Lueck as saying the school board would discuss next steps when it meets Wednesday.

“The Green County Public Health Department is working with Brodhead School District leadership and staff to conduct a thorough investigation to track, trace, and contain the virus," the email states.

“The Green County Public Health Department, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Brodhead School District are working around the clock to try to help everyone remain safe,” the email states.

The Gazette could not reach district or county officials for further comment Monday night.