The city of Beloit’s COVID-19 vaccination rate continues to lag behind nearby municipalities and the rate across all of Rock County, according to data released Tuesday by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The state reports that Beloit has a first-dose vaccination uptake rate of 42.7%, or about 15,742 city residents. In terms of completed vaccinations, 39.5%, or 14,566 people, have completed a two-shot series.

Beloit’s rate of first-dose vaccinations is 15.2 percentage points lower than the city of Janesville’s rate of 57.9%, or 37,189 people, and 15.4 percentage points lower than Janesville’s 54.9% of people who have completed a vaccination series, which is 35,261 people.

The disparities are even bigger when Beloit is compared to nearby townships.

The town of Beloit reports 64.3% of residents (4,925 people) have received at least one dose and that 60.7% of residents (4,648 people) have completed vaccination. The town of Janesville also has comparably higher rates with 63% of residents (2,232 people) receiving one dose and 60.5% of residents (2,145 people) completing vaccination, DHS data shows.

Across Rock County, 55.5% of all residents (90,599 people) have received one dose, and 52.1% of all residents (85,134 people) have completed vaccination.

Demographic data shows 47.5% of white residents, 45.5% of Asian residents, 25.1% of Black residents and 24% of American Indian residents have received the vaccine. It should be noted that in the Rock County data, 6.9% of respondents reported race as “other” and 5.7% of those getting a shot did not report race information.

Younger age brackets remain the ones with lower vaccination rates in Rock County. A total of 39.9% of all 12- to 15-year-olds in Rock County are completely vaccinated. Nearly 46% of those age 16 and 17 are fully vaccinated and 47.9% of those 18 to 24 are also completely inoculated.

The four age brackets beginning with 35 years old all have vaccination rates of 56% or greater, state data shows. Of residents 65 and older, 83.4% are fully vaccinated; 70.1% of those 55 to 64 are vaccinated; those age 45 to 54 have a complete vaccination rate of 60.7%; and those 35 to 44 have a vaccination rate of 56.3%, age vaccine data shows.

Since the week of June 6 when 3,874 vaccinations were issued in Rock County, the county has administered more than 2,000 vaccinations in a week just once, during the week of Aug. 22 when 2,019 doses were administered, state data shows.

Statewide, Wisconsin reports a first-dose vaccination rate of 56.3% (3,276,481 people) and a completed vaccination rate of 53% (3,087,452 people).


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