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The most common misconception about flu shots is that the vaccination makes patients sick, and that simply is not true, said Jen Weadge, public nurse at the Rock County Public Health Department. 

Some people in Rock County think ticks—especially deer ticks— that carry Lyme disease are contained in the northern, wooded part of the state, but that's not true, Rick Wietersen, environmental health director for the Rock County Public Health Department.

Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville can do more jumping jacks per minute, and Edgerton library patrons rode a bike to charge their cellphones—all thanks to grants aimed at reducing obesity in Rock County.

"The whole idea of foster care and adoption it is not anything that could be made into a Hallmark movie," Kent said. "You don’t adopt and put a bow on it and everything is happily ever after. Adopting is not the hardest part, it (the hardest part) is moving forward."