A dog in festive clothing is walked in the Jolly Jingle Holiday Light Parade in downtown Janesville.


There is a pug in Janesville named Ashley this Gazette reporter is dying to meet.

In 24 years, this reporter has never met a dog named Ashley, much less a pug, which is—in my opinion—one of the greatest breeds. They’re adorable, silly and have nasal problems, just like I do.

Each year, The Gazette combs through the city’s spreadsheet of names, breeds and sexes of cats and dogs licensed in the prior year.

It’s the best way to make interesting our annual reminder about pet licenses.

All cats and dogs 5 months or older living in the city must be licensed, according to city ordinance.

Licenses cost $15 for animals that are spayed or neutered and $25 for animals not spayed or neutered.

Licenses are available until March 31, when a $30 late fee will be added. Keeping an unlicensed pet can cost an owner $263 in fines.

Fees for pet licenses are used to cover animal services. Some money from dog registrations go to Rock County.

The city licensed 1,086 cats and 4,446 dogs in 2019, according to city data.

The most popular dog breeds in Janesville this year were Labradors, shih tzus, German shepherds, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers.

Variations of the names Belle, Max, Lucy, Molly, Charlie and Daisy were the most popular for dogs, according to the data.

For cats, variations of Sam, Lilly, Charlie, Belle and Max reigned supreme.

Some names veered off the beaten path, and many had perceived references to sports or pop culture.

In the land of the green and gold, its no surprise 10 dogs are named Lambeau and 13 named some variation of Jordy. One cat is named Woodson, which could be a dated Packers reference.

Four dogs were named Brewer compared to 11 dogs named Wrigley, which, to this reporter, seems an obvious tell of which baseball team is top dog in Janesville (go, Cubs, go).

As the Skywalker saga of the Star Wars franchise closes, Janesville saw many pet names inspired by the space opera, including three dogs named Yoda, four dogs named Kylo, six dogs named Chewy and a cat named Ben Kenbi, which, I suspect, might be a misspelling for Kenobi.

No matter the name assigned to their pets, owners must show updated rabies vaccination certificates and proof of spay or neutering when applying for a license.

Applications are available online or at City Hall.

Permits for Paw Print Park, the city’s fenced dog park, also are available.