Chris Lukas, assistant fire chief for the Milton Fire Department, said his firefighters responded to five calls a day through the month of August—nearly twice the average.

Lukas told the Joint Fire Commission the department answered 152 calls last month.

“We normally average three calls a day,” Lukas said. “We’ve experienced double and triple calls. ”

The increase has been due to more medical calls and some traffic accidents. The fire department is also in the ABL system with the Janesville Fire Department, meaning when the Janesville fire department gets busy, they rely on the Milton fire department to come help out and vice versa.

"This could just be a fluke and we could go back to normal within a month but I think all fire departments right now are busier and all of us are in the same boat," Lukas said to The Gazette after the meeting.

During the meeting, Lukas also said that department personnel went through a refresher course on providing emergency medical services, including rapid intervention team training this August.

Fire commission members Lynda Clark, Theresa Rusch, Bill Wilson and Larry Laehn discussed a couple topics after hearing Lukas' report, including budgets for the townships in the fire district—Harmony, Johnstown, Lima and Koshkonong.

“We had given them (the townships) an estimate about what they would owe about a month and a half ago,” Rusch said. “They wanted to know then what their specific amounts would be because it affects their taxes and their budgets that are coming up.”

Rusch does not have the fire commission’s CPI numbers from the state of Wisconsin yet, but believes she will by the end of September.

“Hopefully, we adopt [the budgets] by the end of September," Rusch said. "We would have those [CPI] numbers, and all of the factors that go into determining those numbers.”

Also noted was the recent departure of Dan Nelson from his position as financial supervisor for the City of Milton. He did bookkeeping for the fire department, so someone to provide that service will need to be found.

These topics and more will be discussed at the fire commission’s next meeting on Oct. 20.


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