Sometimes it takes a little nudge to impart change, and sometimes showing people how things work underneath the hood works best.

At a pair of recent demonstrations last Thursday and Saturday for the “Badger Books” recently implemented in Janesville, city clerk-treasurer Lori Stottler faced varying degrees of skepticism from poll workers, chief inspectors and everyday people.


The city of Janesville will use Badger Books at four polling locations during the spring election April 5. Serving the same purpose as their traditional paper counterparts, the Badger Books are primarily used to check in voters, process absentee ballots, register voters on election day and redirect voters in the wrong location to the correct polling place.


The city of Janesville’s clerk-treasurer Lori Stottler speaks during a hands-on demonstration on how newly purchased electronic poll books, known as Badger Books in the state, will be implemented in upcoming elections. The city will use the technology at four polling locations during the spring election.