Ty Bollerud continues to fight the city of Janesville in court to save his house from demolition. A 2017 city inspection found multiple code violations and declared the house unfit for human habitation.


Janesville resident Ty Bollerud is continuing his fight against the city to save his house from demolition.

Bollerud filed a discrimination complaint Wednesday against the city related to Janesville’s demolition policy. He called it “mass discrimination with a happy face,” according to a copy of the complaint Bollerud shared with The Gazette.

The complaint has a stamp indicating the city attorney’s office received a copy. It includes multiple attachments referring to previous city demolition projects, but it is unclear how the attachments relate to the complaint.

Bollerud lives at 419 S. Walnut St. and made headlines last spring after the city sought court permission to raze his house. A 2017 city inspection said the house, which is also home to several other tenants, has multiple code violations and is unfit for human habitation.

City Attorney Wald Klimczyk wrote in an email to The Gazette that Bollerud’s complaint did not indicate any unlawful discrimination or a denial of public accommodation. Nothing in the complaint falls within the scope of the city’s discrimination or public accommodation ordinances, he wrote.

The city has a pending lawsuit against Bollerud. Klimczyk said there are no pending court dates but declined to comment further on the lawsuit, saying the city does not comment on matters under litigation.

Last July, now-retired Rock County Judge Alan Bates ruled in Janesville’s favor to raze the house. Bollerud filed an appeal later that month, as previously reported by The Gazette.

Bates later granted an indefinite stay of the demolition until further action by the local circuit court or an appeals court.

The judge wrote in August that he did not expect Bollerud to win his appeal but said he would “suffer irreparable harm” if his house was demolished while the case was pending.

The case has remained mostly quiet since then. Bollerud filed a motion for relief pending appeal Feb. 8 in Rock County Court.

Rock County Judge Derrick Grubb responded Feb. 13 to that filing, saying the court was “unsure as to the relief which the defendant seeks,” according to court records.

If Bollerud wanted to extend the stay of the demolition, that is already in effect and will remain so until the case concludes. If Bollerud is seeking reconsideration of a June summary judgment, the case was already reconsidered and denied in September, Grubb wrote.

If Bollerud is seeking relief from the summary judgment, he has not built a sufficient case to receive any compensation, Grubb wrote.

Bollerud later filed another motion Feb. 19 for relief pending appeal. That’s the latest case document in Rock County Court records.