Driveway openings for two-car garages now can be as big as three-car garage driveway openings under an ordinance change the city council approved Monday.

Until Monday, homes with two-car garages could have driveway openings up to 24 feet wide at the back of the sidewalk and 30 feet at the curb, according to a city memo.

The ordinance change allows two-car garage driveways to be up to 30 feet wide at the back of the sidewalk and 36 feet at the curb—the same size as three-car garage driveways.

Residents have shown desire for wider driveway openings to accommodate for trailers, boats and other recreational vehicles, according to the memo.

The change allows for more consistency in compliance and flexibility for homeowners, said Mike Payne, city engineer.

Some residents have widened their driveways errantly. This causes difficulties for city staff when noticed after the fact during inspections or during street rehabilitation projects, Payne said.

Curb opening projects require permits before construction, Payne said.

People will be notified of the requirements during the application process, Payne said.

Those who widened driveways already will now be in compliance, Payne said. The ordinance change will mostly be exercised during construction of new homes, Payne said.

Council member Doug Marklein said he would like the city to communicate the changes to local contractors.

No members of the public spoke during a public hearing on the matter.