Spirit Horse Equine Rescue founder DeeDee Golberg scratches the noses of two rescued horses earlier this year. Golberg has received an extension from the Janesville Town Board to come into compliance with the town’s ordinance regulating the number of horses allowed on a property.


The Janesville Town Board has given a town resident extra time to reduce the horse population on her property.

DeeDee Golberg operates a horse rescue organization and has been on notice since April to remove 23 horses from her property.

The town board in April gave Golberg until this month. On Tuesday, the board, noting that Golberg has made progress, gave her until its next meeting, Oct. 7, said interim Town Clerk Julie Eells.

Golberg told The Gazette on Thursday that if she can’t meet the Oct. 7 deadline, she must pay a fine of $100 per horse, per day. Eells could not confirm that.

Eells said town board members seemed encouraged that Golberg has made progress.

Three of the horses have been adopted or moved to “foster” homes, and eight more are being readied to be moved to a horse-therapy organization in Cherry Valley, Illinois.

Golberg said she showed the board letters from people who are interested in the remaining horses, but she said she can’t be sure the horses will be taken until details are finalized.

The issue arose last fall, when Golberg took in some neglected horses, bringing her total to 38. The town zoning ordinance allows only one large farm animal per acre at her property on North River’s Edge Drive, which is about 15 acres.

Golberg said she thought she had an agreement with the town board that allowed the extra horses, but town officials could find no record of that.

Golberg said she continues to raise money and look for 50 to 80 acres to buy or lease so her organization, Spirit Horse Equine Rescue, can board more horses.

“Our main goal is to still raise enough money to have our own facility, but we haven’t been able to do that, given the short timeline,” Golberg said.