Renovations to the City Hall plaza will wrap up well over a year past their expected completion date because of an “impasse” between the city and its general contractor, the city engineer said.

City Engineer Mike Payne said general contractor Klobucar Construction and its subcontractors refuse to remove and replace a waterproofing system city officials have deemed noncompliant.

Jim Klobucar, the project manager, said the manufacturer of the waterproofing system has inspected the installation and found it complies with the manufacturer’s requirements.

The subcontractor hired to do the waterproofing and the manufacturer are willing to provide an extended warranty on the work done, Klobucar said in an email to The Gazette.

No leaks have occurred since the system was installed last fall, he said.

Payne said representatives from Klobucar have changed their position on the system several times, but Klobucar denies that.

“The city is working with a law firm to represent the city’s best interest,” Payne said.

Workers have not made “substantial work efforts” on the project since last November, when the project was originally slated for completion, Payne said.

City officials hope the project will be completed in 2021, he said.

Klobucar has not submitted a work schedule to the city with new completion dates, Payne said.

“Our goal is to finish the project as soon as we are allowed and as quickly and safely as possible,” Klobucar said.

He said city officials have refused to meet with Klobucar representatives in person or virtually since the issue arose.

“We are hopeful that a meeting would lead to a productive discussion and resolution so we can get back to work and finish the project,” Klobucar said.

The city has been in communication with Klobucar through the contractor’s attorney and the company posting the performance bond for the contractor, Payne said.

When asked if the city has considered litigation, Payne said: “All options available to the city are being considered.”

Klobucar said his company is not considering litigation.

“... We want to be able to finish the project to everyone’s satisfaction,” he said.

The original contract for the project was awarded for $2.16 million. Change orders have totaled about $430,000, Payne said.

The final project cost is “unknown at this time,” Payne said.

The city has not made any payments to Klobucar since the work stopped. The last payment made to the contractor was in December, Payne said.

Klobucar said he does not intend to abandon the contract.