The Turner School District’s total enrollment is up, with 555 nonresident students enrolled for the 2021-22 school year, according to the latest pupil count.

As of Monday, Sept. 27, Turner’s total enrollment was reported at 1,637 students, an increase of 31 students over last year’s third Friday in September pupil count.

The number of nonresident students enrolled in Turner schools will result in more than $4.5 million in revenue from open enrollment for the 2021-22 school year, according to Director of Business Services Brad Boll.

Boll noted the basic open enrollment transfer amount is estimated to be $8,161 per pupil in 2021-22.

Of Turner’s 555 nonresident, open-enrolled students 491 are from Beloit, 28 from Janesville, 24 from Parkview, 10 from Clinton and two from Edgerton.

Wisconsin public school districts are required to count pupils for membership purposes on the third Friday in September and second Friday in January and report the data to the Department of Public Instruction.

As of the third Friday in September 2021, there were 1,637 students attending the Turner School district. That included 555 nonresident students enrolling in from other school districts and 131 resident students enrolling out to other school districts, for a net gain of 424 students from open enrollment.

Turner’s 131 resident students are open enrolled out of the district to Beloit, 82; Clinton, 9; Janesville, 29; Milton, 2; Parkview, 7; Lakeland School, 1; and Richardson School, 1.

In 2021-22, the Turner School District will receive $8,161 for each student who enrolls into the district and $13,013 for each student with a disability who enrolls. That will result in an estimated net gain of at least $3.45 million for the district, plus additional dollars related to pupils with disabilities.


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