Milton School District officials are looking to fill two jobs: director of business services and communications/community outreach coordinator.

The director of administrative operations position, held until June by Jerry Schuetz, will not be filled.

Interim Superintendent Richard Dahman presented the job openings Monday to the human resources committee and school board.

A draft job description says the director of business services will provide leadership on school finance, transportation, building and grounds, purchasing, insurance, payroll and nutrition.

Dahman said the position is a common one in a school district of Milton’s size.

The district’s last director of business services, Mary Ellen Van Valin, retired in March, and Schuetz covered her job duties through June. Since then, financial services company Baird has provided consulting services two days a week, and other school district employees also have pitched in.

“That’s definitely not a sustainable model,” Dahman said.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Diane Pertzborn of Baird said the $30,000 approved by the board in May for consulting services could last into early November.

Baird provides onsite support for $850 per day ($100 less than estimated) and offsite support at $50 per hour. Baird employees are paid $50 per hour to attend meetings after 6 p.m.

The communications and community outreach coordinator will focus on communications, school safety and community engagement, according to the draft job description. That person also will supervise the community recreation program.

Human Resources Director Chris Tukiendorf said the communications job description fits the job Schuetz had before he became director of administrative operations.

Tom Westrick, human resources committee chairman, said hiring a director of business services is a return to a more traditional organizational style.

“That doesn’t mean what we had done last year was not right,” he said. “We had individuals that had certain skill sets that were able to do that. I don’t want people to get the idea that what we did last year was wrong because in my mind it was not.”

Tukiendorf said he plans to meet with Dahman to discuss the job descriptions further. After the board looks at them, the jobs could be posted Sept. 5, he said.

Tukiendorf said the communications coordinator would have a one-year contract and make $66,000 to $68,000 per year. The director of business services would have a two-year contract and $125,000 salary.

Once the positions are filled, contracts will come to the school board for approval.