The Milton School Board unanimously approved raises for support staff, supervisors and administrators for next school year during its meeting Monday night.

The district is now projecting a budget deficit next year, but that could change once state aid, student enrollment and property valuation are known, Superintendent Tim Schigur said.

The district plans its budget conservatively by assuming all staff members will return for a full school year and take the most expensive benefits package, Director of Administrative Operations Jerry Schuetz said.

Board member Diamond McKenna said given the current climate in the school district, she and other members of the committee wanted to give staff at all levels decent raises to ensure quality employees stay in the district.

Support staff will get 3% raises, while supervisors and administrators will be paid 2% more.

Board member Mike Pierce said he advocated for giving support staff the bigger raise because they generally make less than other employees.

Board member Brian Kvapil questioned why the board was approving raises before performance evaluations are completed, specifically for administrators.

Human Resources Director Chris Tukiendorf said the board can review administrator pay again when approving contracts at subsequent meetings.

Negotiations between the board and the Milton Education Association over teacher compensation for next year are expected to begin next month.

District staff also announced a $4,000 savings by terminating a right-to-use agreement with Premier Tennis.

Last month, the board approved the agreement for the boys tennis season because the condition of the courts in Central Park was unknown.

The district was unsure whether the park’s courts would be in good enough condition for competition after a cold and snowy winter. When the courts were discovered to be in better condition than expected, athletic director Brian Hammil chose to revert to the district’s former practice of renting Premier’s facilities at an hourly rate on an as-needed basis instead of staying with the right-to-use-agreement.

Using Premier as the primary courts for the season would have cost the district $7,500 this year. Renting the facility as needed will cost an estimated $3,500, according to a district memo.


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