The Milton School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved working with a statewide organization to hire an interim superintendent for the upcoming school year.

That will give the school board time to search for someone to permanently replace Superintendent Tim Schigur, who will resign June 30.

The board will work with the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, which maintains a list of people with school administration experience who are interested in short-term positions.

The organization will pare its list to a few candidates who fit the needs of the Milton School District. Then the board will interview those candidates and choose one.

Many on the list of potential interim superintendents are retired but still willing to work, board member Mike Pierce said.

The district won’t pay anything to the organization because Schigur is a member, board member Tom Westrick said.

With an interim superintendent at the helm, the school board can wait to conduct a thorough superintendent search in November or December, when many school administrators begin looking for new positions, Westrick said.

Jerry Schuetz, district director of administrative operations, also will resign June 30, leaving the district without an administrator who has a state business management license.

Also Tuesday, the school board agreed to contract with Baird financial group to provide consulting services to the district’s business services department from June until the school board’s annual meeting in fall.

Schuetz has overseen that department since Mary Ellen Van Valin retired as director in March. Van Valin recommended Baird as a consultant before she retired.

During the summer months, the department must close out school year business, start the next year’s budget, participate in the annual audit, file state reports, oversee referendum financing and perform other duties, Schuetz said.

Baird’s consulting will be led by Diane Pertzborn, who teaches school district business management courses at UW-Whitewater.

The board capped the amount Baird can earn at $30,000. Baird will charge the district $950 per day and $50 per hour to attend board or committee meetings and $50 per hour for phone or online support.

The school board’s finance committee recommended Baird over CESA 5’s business manager consulting services, despite CESA 5 charging less, because CESA 5 could not guarantee it would have a staff member available to work in Milton.

Board members Brian Kvapil and Karen Hall opposed hiring Baird. They said they want to see the district reach out to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards to see if it offers comparable services.

Other board members urged hiring outside help as soon as possible so those people can work with Schigur and Schuetz before they resign.


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