Milton High School’s switch to a trimester schedule will allow students to take a variety of new courses next year.

Beginning next fall, the school will offer 13 new courses in several subjects. Existing courses will see changes to better fit the trimester format.

“It’s about creating different opportunities for students and developing college and career readiness. It keeps us current and fresh as to what students want and need,” Principal Jeremy Bilhorn said.

Bilhorn said the district reviews and decides which courses to offer each school year. There’s more change this year as the school adjusts to the trimester schedule, he said.

Changes include new courses in science, math, global and gender studies and music. The additions are budget neutral and won’t require staffing changes.

Some of the new courses run through multiple trimesters, but most are a single trimester long to give students more flexibility and options as the school navigates its new calendar.

A new women’s studies class will teach students about global gender issues and the history of women’s rights and issues pertaining to the topic.

A course on the principles of biomedical science will teach students about biology and medicine. It will require students to determine the factors that led to the death of a fictitious person. Students will study autopsy reports, medical history and medical treatments.

Other courses in environmental science and astronomy will be offered as the district looks to emphasize its science, technology, engineering and math program.

Bilhorn said student interest and the district referendum projects made the courses possible.

“We have a lot of data in what students want to go into ... these courses are in response to areas students are working towards or want to look at a career in,” he said.

With a brand new STEM addition coming thanks to the district’s referendum projects, now was the right time to expand offerings, Bilhorn said.

“There’s a lot of STEM influence (in the new courses) as we prepare for our new STEM wing, and that curriculum has been part of that conversation. That new wing will allow us to teach these courses and will give us more opportunities for students,” he said.

“There’s going to be some cool things happening here between our new curriculum and new facilities.”