With more snow expected this week, the Janesville School District reminded parents of its winter weather policies.

First thing parents need to know?

“We understand that the decision to close or delay has impact beyond the schools,” District Communications Director Patrick Gasper wrote in an email to The Gazette. “Parents have to find childcare and potentially will need to take time off from work.”

Superintendent Steve Pophal considers a variety of factors, and it is not a decision that is made casually, Gasper wrote.

School closing basics, according a news release from the district, include:

  • If at all possible, the superintendent will make a decision regarding school closing or delay the night before or no later than 6 a.m. the day of closing or delay.
  • When the decision is made, district staff will send out a message on the district’s campus messenger system, Infinite Campus. The message will come by phone, email and/or text. To ensure they receive notifications, parents should confirm their information is correct in the notification system, especially if they have moved or changed phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Infinite Campus takes time to notify all 10,000 contacts. During that time, families can look for information on the district’s website,

or on its Facebook page,

  • Closing and delay information also will be provided to The Gazette, WCLO Radio and Madison television stations.
  • The district does not close schools early because of incoming weather. The district wants to avoid sending kids home to potentially unsupervised situations, Gasper wrote in an email. Parents are welcome pick up their children early if they are concerned about weather.