In notes to parents and staff posted on its website Tuesday night, the Janesville School District announced it is implementing quarantine and isolation guidelines recommended by the Rock County Public Health Department and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for people who test positive for COVID-19.

The new guidelines, effective today, shorten the isolation period from 10 days to five days, which are to be followed by five more days of consistent mask wearing.

If students or staff members with COVID-19 are 24 hours fever-free without using fever-reducing medications and have other improved symptoms, they may return to school on day six of their COVID-19 quarantine, with day zero considered the day the person first started experiencing symptoms.

The return dates for students who are currently out of school for a positive test were revised to match the new guidelines and differ based on the date an individual started having symptoms. Students who were out of school because they were identified as a close contact of a confirmed positive case at school may return to school Wednesday as long as they are not exhibiting symptoms. Families with students who were out of school as because of a close contact within their households should contact their school nurses for a new return date.

The note to staff members included the same guidelines as the note to students. Employees were instructed to contact their direct supervisors and the district’s Benefits and Wellness Office to confirm their return dates.

School board meeting

The Janesville School Board met Tuesday night, and board member Greg Ardrey provided an update on the district’s superintendent search process, and Craig High School students in the Elevate program presented a business proposal for a child care program.

During his presentation, Ardery told the board that consultant firm Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates had posted the job opening on its website Dec. 23 and that the job was also posted on the internal school district site Dec. 28.

The board is working on developing a superintendent profile and is trying to finalize the timeline for choosing a new superintendent. From January to February 2022, there will be individual phone interviews with board members and meetings with focus groups and other stakeholders.

The school board hopes to select a new superintendent by April, Ardrey said.

Elevate students present child care proposal

Brandon Miles, one of the Elevate program teachers at Craig High School, and five Craig High School students presented on the program and a business proposal idea the students had worked on.

Miles said the Elevate students are with him for three of the eight hours in a school day. The students take six semester-long courses in which they earn a full credit in English, half a credit in social studies and one and a half elective credits.

“They’re cramming in all the same content they would be getting in traditional classes, but they’re throwing on a couple things,” Miles said, including their business plan project they presented to the board.

Another main component of the program is mentorship the students receive. In the past, students have been offered jobs from their mentors right away when they are still a student, Miles said.

Before entering the Elevate program, students take a survey on their career interests. This helps them build connections during high school for the career they are most interested in.

The students’ presentation centered around opening a day care at both Craig and Parker high schools. They surveyed district staff and found that many have children enrolled in day care or plan on enrolling their child in day care.

The students also visited Hartland Lakeside Academy, which has a child care program on-site. Many teachers at Hartland enjoyed having a close day care they could have their kids attend while they were at work, the Craig students reported.

Board members Cathy Myers and Elizabeth Paull provided feedback on the presentation, saying on-site child care programs would help with teacher retention.

“Your idea and choice of project is really outstanding and important,” Myers said.


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