The Janesville School Board could decide Tuesday whether it’s got an appetite for board members to be paid $200 a month.

The board is slated to take up a motion to revise the district’s compensation policy to include pay for board members and the board president, according to a meeting agenda.

Board member Cathy Myers is one of three board members who helped float a stipend proposal starting with new or reelected board members elected in April 2020.

She said the motion on the floor Tuesday is the first part of what would be a two-part policy change.

She said the board will vote on the first reading of a policy change on board member pay that has already been run through a committee. If it’s approved as is, the proposal likely would come back to the board in August for a final vote.

School board members aren’t currently compensated. In June, the board discussed a draft proposal that included paying board members $200 per month, or a total of $2,400 a year. The plan also calls for the board president to be paid $250 a month, or $3,000 a year, according to Gazette reports.

Board members Karl Dommershausen and Dale Thompson initially brought up the option of paying board members in December. They argued it would offset the pay board members lose when they have to take time off work to handle board matters.

They said a more diverse group of people of all income and employment backgrounds might run for board seats if they were compensated.

The school district had planned a board review and vote on a “final draft” of a compensation plan Tuesday, according to Gazette reports. But a meeting agenda for Tuesday did not include any drafts or details that flesh out proposed board member pay.

The agenda included only a copy of the current policy, which states that board members aren’t paid stipends.

Myers said she’s not sure why the finalized policy was not included in public materials for the meeting.

But she said the proposed policy change mirrors the draft proposal the board had discussed in June.

Myers said the board will be asked to cast the first of two votes on the policy change Tuesday. She said if the board votes to scrap or dramatically change the proposal, it’s feasible it could go back to committee for further discussion.

District administrative officials were not available for comment Friday.

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