The Evansville School District is looking for an interim board member to fill an empty seat left by the resignation of a previous board member.

Thomas Titus, who was elected to the board in 2017, resigned from his position in August.

Titus left the school board because of a district policy that forbids current board members from applying to work inside the district. Titus applied to the district’s open building and grounds director position, so he had to give up his spot on the board.

“There wasn’t any ill will or anything like that. It’s just that the position was in the district. It was a policy thing,” Titus said Wednesday.

Titus’ term with the school board ends this year, so if the seat is filled, that person would have to be re-elected in April.

Titus said he hopes the board will consider changing the policy to require resignation only if a member accepts a position in the district, not for just applying.

After two-and-a-half years on the board, Titus hopes somehow he will be allowed to finish what he started.

“That job didn’t come to fruition, but I’m going to miss being on the board. With the referendum, the projects, it’s exciting to see us grow,” he said.

Those interested in joining the school board can contact district administrative assistant Lindsay Krull at 608-882-3387 or krulll@evansville .k12.wi.us.

Applications are due by 3:30 p.m. Friday.


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