Eight students at UW-Whitewater were selected for $7,000 scholarships through the UW System’s student vaccination campaign, according to a university news release.

The eight from Whitewater were among 70 statewide recipients announced Tuesday.

“We took up a challenge to educate and inform students as a part of a vaccination campaign to help keep our universities safe—and it has succeeded,” UW System President Tommy Thompson said in the news release. Thompson set a goal for 12 universities to reach a 70% student vaccination rate by Oct. 11, and all but one reached that benchmark.

Sydnie Holmes, one of the winners at UW-Whitewater, said she got vaccinated to keep people around her safe.

“Getting vaccinated meant I could see family and friends again without having the anxiety that something bad would happen to them,” she was quoted as saying in the news release.

In addition to the systemwide scholarships, UW-Whitewater also awarded $500 to 40 vaccinated students in weekly drawings. University Housing is also awarding two randomly selected vaccinated students to get their first choice of residence hall next year.

“All of the vaccination incentives—funded by UW System and generous donors or UW-Whitewater—made it possible for us to have a vibrant university experience this year with in-person classes and events,” Interim Chancellor Jim Henderson said in the release.

UW-W’s vaccination rate was 77% for students and 91% for employees as of Tuesday. Students, faculty and staff who have not been vaccinated yet are strongly encouraged to do so if they are able and report it to the university as soon as possible.


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