All of your car’s dashboard lights—temperature, check engine, oil pressure—provide information and serve as warnings and reminders.

Now, community members can find up-to-date information, reminders and warnings about the state of the Janesville School District on its strategic data dashboard.

On Tuesday, the district rolled out the dashboard for residents. The dashboard will go live on the district’s website, janesville.k12.wi.us, later this week and feature demographic data and information related to student performance, teacher retention, finances and parent satisfaction.

The majority of the information will be related to the district’s promises, a set of five year goals established in fall 2017. The promises cover student performance, health and safety, finances, culture and climate and parent satisfaction.

Part of the challenge was to find a way to measure success in each area, district spokesman Patrick Gasper told the board Tuesday. For example, one of the promises is to have a balanced budget. Well, the district has a balanced budget every year, Gasper said in an interview before the meeting. Instead, the data dashboard show the district’s bond rating, its tax rate going back 10 years, its tax rate compared to other districts in the county, other district’s of similar size and to state average.

“There are definitely places where we have been successful, and places where we need to work,” District Superintendent Steve Pophal told the board Tuesday. “We’re good with owning all of that.”

Highlights from the dashboard include:

  • The district’s tax rate has been below the state average for the past nine years. This year’s average is not available yet.
  • Out of the nine school districts in Rock County, Janesville’s tax rate is always one of the lowest three.
  • The number of net students enrolling into the Janesville School District through open enrollment has slowly increased over the past 10 years. The net is the number of students enrolling in minus the number of students enrolling out to another district.

The dashboard tracks the district goals, as well.

Highlights include:

  • Goal: 90% of third grade students reading at grade level by the end of the year. The 2017 baseline was 58%. That number has not changed.
  • Goal: 90% of ninth graders complete algebra I with a C or better. The 2017 baseline number was 76%. That has gone up to 77%.
  • Goal: 90% of high school students will take at least one of the following: An AP course, a class that will count for college and high school credit, college transcript class or one that will earn them an industry credential. The 2017 baseline was 75%. That number has risen to 90%.