The vice president of the Beloit School Board resigned Friday, just days after raising concerns about what he saw as a disproportionate number of African American staff members leaving the school district.

David Wilson announced his decision Friday afternoon in a post on his school board Facebook page.

In the post, Wilson said his family is moving out of Beloit.

“It has been humbling to serve on behalf of those who supported me as well as those who have not. To be raised within this education system and earn an opportunity to make it better is something I’ll be proud of for the rest of my life,” the post states.

Wilson wrote that every student, parent, teacher, support staff member and administrator deserves a school district that is as committed to humanity and equity as it is to achievement.

He urged people to decide for themselves what the truth is.

At the Aug. 13 school board meeting, Wilson cited a Facebook post from former board member Dennis Baskin, who listed African American staff members who had resigned or moved on, had their jobs eliminated, were demoted, or were placed in subordinate jobs.

At the meeting, the board also accepted the resignation of Wilson’s wife, Janay Banks-Wilson, who is the assistant principal at Beloit Memorial High School.

In a Facebook post after the meeting, Wilson wrote that while he is proud of the work he did in Beloit, he will not remember his time as a school board member fondly.

He said he agreed with those who have said that the district and school board are a mess, don’t discuss achievement enough, don’t support all employees, are not welcoming to all families and students, are not committed to equity, and are not ready to have tough conversations about race.

“No, my presentation was not as eloquent as it could have been, but I don’t apologize for what I said, and if I offended anyone, I’m sorry for the way you feel,” Wilson wrote. “I’m not perfect or the smartest person I know. As long as I wake up, I’ll do my best to advocate and try to do the right thing. I won’t always be successful, I won’t always be polite, but I’m working on that and I hope to be better.”

When asked about the board’s next steps, board President Pam Charles said the district will post a notice of vacancy to start the application process for candidates.

The Beloit Daily News was unable to reach Wilson for comment.