A woman who was shot while trying to rob a marijuana dealer in Clinton was sentenced in Rock County Court on Friday.

Taylor R. Lantz, 19, of 4325 N. River Road, Janesville, was pregnant when she and two men assaulted a marijuana dealer at a mobile home park last February.

Jesus Rangel-Silva, 19, of 727 Milwaukee Road No. 14, Clinton, fired a handgun during the scuffle in which he was pepper-sprayed, hitting Lantz in the shoulder.

She has since given birth, and the baby is doing fine, Judge Karl Hanson said in court Friday.

Lantz originally was charged with party to attempted armed robbery with use of force. As part of a plea agreement, that was reduced to a lesser felony, attempted theft from a person.

Lantz pleaded guilty Friday to the felony charge and no contest to three misdemeanors: theft, possession of an illegally obtained prescription drug and possession of marijuana.

Assistant District Attorney Scott Dirks said Lantz had no prior convictions and that the crime “was the product of great youthful foolishness.”

It could be argued, Dirks said, that Lantz has already suffered some punishment for her crime by being shot.

Defense attorney Jason Sanders agreed and said the trip to Clinton was “the dumbest drive of her life.” He said the proposed agreement, with no incarceration and two years of probation, could be a “course correction” in Lantz’s young life.

Hanson told Lantz that if she does not control her marijuana use, she could become like many others whose lives are destroyed by alcohol or marijuana and who return to court in their 20s and 30s and 50s.

“Whether marijuana becomes legal or not, I think that will continue,” Hanson said.

Hanson followed the plea agreement, sentencing Lantz to two years of probation for the misdemeanors and withholding judgment on the felony.

If Lantz completes probation without breaking any of the rules or committing a new crime, the felony charge will disappear.

Hanson said Lantz must do a lot of maturing in a short time.

“In a sense, we are all here on very miraculous terms,” Hanson said, noting the danger posed by a pepper-sprayed man firing a gun while being attacked in a residential area.

Hanson added two conditions to the other rules of probation: She must complete high school and give back to the community during 100 hours of community service.

Hanson warned Lantz that if she fails to obey the rules, she risks separation from her child and the rest of her family.

One of Lantz’s accomplices, Jared A. Mikkelson, 19, of 5609 W. Plymouth Church Road, Beloit, agreed to an identical disposition when he was sentenced Tuesday.

Rangel-Silva was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison, and he faces probable deportation afterward.

The case of the third person accused of trying to rob Rangel-Silva, Jerry F. Williams, 21, of 2224 Frontier Road, Janesville, has not yet been resolved.