A former town of Whitewater woman has pleaded guilty in a child neglect case in which prosecutors said county officials found an underweight child near bags of fecal matter, medication and cigarette butts in a camper on an abandoned farm.

A plea agreement called for Rachel S. Albright, 32, more recently of Kenosha, to be sentenced to three years of probation after she pleaded guilty to a single count of felony child neglect, according to court records and District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld.

On Dec. 10, a judge also sentenced her to 10 days of jail with work release, Wiedenfeld said in an email Monday.

Conditions of her probation also include no contact with children without an agent’s consent.

“Although it was not part of the agreement, it was discussed at the sentencing that she had terminated her parental rights to the child involved in the case,” Wiedenfeld said.

A Walworth County Department of Health & Human Services worker visited Albright’s former home, N8865 Clover Valley Road, in September 2018. The worker found that Albright lived in a camper under farm equipment that was in “various states of dilapidation,” according to the criminal complaint.

Albright and her father defecated into bags and left them in an area—which the child could access—to be burned later, the complaint states.

Albright also told the worker she bathed the child in a sandbox using rain water or water from a nearby city pump.

In 2011, Albright was convicted of misdemeanor child neglect when she did not adequately feed a newborn baby, according to that complaint.

After that child was taken to the hospital, Albright told a department of human services worker, “You’re overfeeding the baby, and you are going to make her fat.”