Nova T. Suarez appears in the jury assembly room via video stream Monday at the Rock County Courthouse in Janesville. She is accused of shooting her husband in the face.


A woman accused of shooting her husband in the face Wednesday had previously told a court counselor that her children told her to shoot her husband so the kids could spend more time with her. 

She later changed that statement, saying the kids told her "maybe Daddy will die," according to a criminal complaint.

The children denied saying this, according to court documents.

Nova Suarez, 43, of Monona, was charged in Rock County Court with attempted first-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon as an act of domestic abuse.

Court Commissioner Larry Barton on Monday set a cash bond for Suarez at $200,000 because he believes she is a flight risk and danger to the victim, her children and the public.

Suarez is prohibited from contact with the victim or her children as a condition of the bond.

A criminal complaint filed in court Monday outlined the following events from the night of the shooting. 

Suarez's husband went to Blackhawk Community Credit Union at 1545 Center Ave. to get cash from the ATM to pay a babysitter.

The man heard a honk and saw Suarez pull up next to him on the passenger side with nobody else in the vehicle.  

Suarez told the man "I told you so," and the man heard a loud bang, saw blood and realized he had been shot in the face. 

The man ran to a nearby convenience store for help. When police went to the scene, Suarez was gone but police found the man's vehicle at the ATM still running with the driver's side door open and the passenger's side window shattered.

Janesville police went to Suarez's boyfriend's home in Sauk County and found the house appeared to have been broken into. Police could not find a shotgun the boyfriend told police should be there, according to court documents.

Suarez's boyfriend told police Suarez called him the night before and apologized for breaking his window and stealing his shotgun and van, according to documents.

Assistant District Attorney Jodi Dabson Bollendorf argued for a $250,000 cash bond for Suarez, saying the victim, who was treated and released from Mercyhealth Hospital and was in the courtroom Monday, was afraid for his safety and the safety of his children. 

Suarez's boyfriend lives in Hawaii during the winter, which poses a flight risk, Bollendorf said. 

"Thankfully" the birdshot used to shoot the victim went through a glass window and the victim was wearing glasses, otherwise he might have been more seriously injured or have impaired eyesight, Bollendorf said.

Deputy Public Defender Barb Gerber argued for a signature bond for Suarez, saying Suarez has no previous criminal history and has nearby family she could live with while waiting for her next court appearances.

Suarez cannot afford to post bond, Gerber said.

Suarez and the victim have been separated since Jan. 7 and are in the process of divorcing, Bollendorf said. 

The couple have three young children together. The victim told police he believes Suarez was upset because the he had primary custody of the children and Suarez could see them only four hours every other week, according to the criminal complaint.

Dane County Court granted the victim a temporary restraining order in February but in March denied continuation of the order, according to online court documents.

Suarez was ordered by Dane County Court in September to undergo a psychological evaluation, according to the complaint.

Suarez could not attend the scheduled evaluation because she was arrested, Gerber said.

A temporary restraining order was granted in Rock County Court against Suarez the day after the shooting.

Suarez's is scheduled to be back in court at 3 p.m. Friday.