A person dives out a window at the Rock County Sheriff’s Office last fall in a still image taken from video provided by the sheriff’s office.


Stainless-steel security screens have been installed over the windows in two interview rooms at the Rock County Sheriff’s Office after a suspect jumped out of one of them to escape last fall.

The sheriff’s office has released videos of the incident in response to a Gazette request under the state open records law.

The windows previously had regular home-style screens that could be pushed out, said Capt. Todd Christiansen of the detective bureau.

The video shows a male diving through the window soon after a detective escorts him into the room. A second camera picks him up sprinting across the lawn.

About 13 minutes later, the detective returns to find the room empty and utters an exclamation.

Christiansen declined to identify the detective.

Christiansen said detectives have used two interview rooms since the sheriff’s office moved from downtown Janesville in the late 1980s, and the windows’ security was never upgraded until now.

The incident also underwent an administrative review, and only the windows were found at fault, not the procedures, Christiansen said. No one was disciplined.

Quantrell D. Schwartzlow, 17, of 312 Mowe St., Orfordville, was charged with escape in the incident. He has pleaded not guilty, and his case is pending in Rock County Court.

He also has pleaded not guilty to a charge of strangulation/suffocation in connection with an Aug. 1 incident, court records indicate.

Schwartzlow had been arrested Oct. 18 at Orfordville Parkview High School and was placed in the interview room the same day, authorities said at the time.

He was taken out of the room and “manipulated” his way back into the room, Deputy District Attorney Perry Folts said at an earlier court hearing, suggesting he planned to jump after his first exposure to the room.

Schwartzlow dropped 12 to 16 feet to the ground after going through the window, Christiansen estimated. No camera caught his landing.

Christiansen said Schwartzlow did not appear to have injured himself.

He was caught in Janesville at a friend’s house about 3½ hours after his escape, police reported at the time.