A Minnesota Vikings fan reacted violently when teased about his team and now faces domestic violence charges, according to a criminal complaint filed in Rock County Court.

Mark E. Mueller, 56, of 305 Rosewood Drive, Janesville, was charged Thursday with strangulation/suffocation, battery and disorderly conduct, all as acts of domestic abuse.

A Janesville woman told police she was teasing Mueller about being a Vikings fan Tuesday morning, according to the complaint. The Green Bay Packers had beaten their Minnesota rivals Monday night.

The teasing made him angry, so she tried to calm him, according to the complaint.

Mueller responded by squeezing her neck and throat with his hands and saying he would kill her, according to the complaint.

The woman tried to get Mueller to let go by slapping him in the face, and he hit her in the jaw with his fist, according to the complaint.

In court Thursday, Mueller was released on a signature bond and ordered to have no contact with the woman. His next court appearance is Jan. 15.