The Town of Linn Police Department assisted the Town of Delavan Police Department in a search for someone who had been reported as suicidal Thursday, according to the Town of Linn Police Department Facebook page. A drone with a thermal imaging sensor was used to locate the person.


The Town of Linn Police Department used its drone to help town of Delavan authorities find a suicidal person who had walked away from his home, according to a department Facebook post Friday.

Town of Delavan police were looking for the person who reportedly overdosed on medication before leaving the home, the post states.

The town of Linn’sdrone used a thermal imaging sensor and helped find the person alive within 45 minutes, according to Linn’s police department. The person was then turned over to rescue personnel.

“This is the outcome we all hope for when deploying these assets,” the post states.

Rep. Tyler August, R-Lake Geneva, announced last week his recognition of Linn Police Chief James Bushey for his work as a “pioneer” in drone technology. Bushey started a drone program in 2015, and it can be used for finding missing persons or fleeing suspects, August’s office said in a news release.