Ty Matijevich, 17, who is accused of killing a woman in an Oct. 19 traffic crash on Milton Avenue, appears Monday at the Rock County Courthouse in Janesville.


A teenager accused of killing a woman in a traffic crash on Milton Avenue was weaving through traffic at high speed to get to a restaurant, according to a criminal complaint filed in Rock County Court on Monday.

Ty M. Matijevich, 17, of 3743 Red Stone Drive, Janesville, is charged with homicide by negligent driving.

Matijevich was speeding north on Milton Avenue shortly before 11:45 a.m. Oct. 19 when a southbound car driven by Merilyn Mitchell of Milton turned left to enter the Janesville Mall parking lot, according to the complaint.

Matijevich was speeding and braked one second before the crash, which slowed his Chevrolet Cobalt to 77 mph, according to the complaint.

Mitchell, 74, was driving a Cadillac. She was pronounced dead at Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville.


This Oct. 19, 2018, file photo shows the two-vehicle crash on Milton Avenue at Refset Drive that killed 74-year-old Merilyn Mitchell. Ty Matijevich, 17, a Parker High School student, is charged with homicide by negligent driving in the crash.

Lt. Charles Aagaard of the Janesville Police Department said Matijevich had a green light, but according to state law, he gave up his right of way by speeding.

Witnesses, including a passenger in Matijevich’s car, said he was weaving through traffic before the crash.

The passenger, also a 17-year-old boy, told police Matijevich’s driving scared him, and he warned Matijevich he was going to get pulled over, according to the complaint, and he said Matijevich drove as if he were in a movie chase scene.

The passenger said they were coming from Parker High School and were headed to Famous Dave’s BBQ, according to the complaint. The school is about 5 miles from the restaurant.

Matijevich later told officers he was traveling 40 mph to 45 mph, and when told witnesses said different, he said he might have been going 50 to 55 mph, according to the complaint.

A State Patrol analysis of the Cobalt’s data showed that at five seconds before the crash, the throttle was at 99 percent, and the speed was 76 mph, according to the complaint.

The speed increased to 83 mph at about 1.5 seconds before the crash, according to the analysis, but the brake was applied, and the car slowed to 77 mph at one-half second before the crash.


Ty Matijevich listens to his attorney, Michael Murphy, during a court appearance Monday at the Rock County Courthouse in Janesville.

In court Monday, Assistant District Attorney Cheniqua White asked that Matijevich not be allowed to drive while the case is pending. She said he has no previous criminal record.

Defense attorney Michael Murphy said Matijevich is in the construction program at Parker and is required to drive to the job site.

Court commissioner Larry Barton released Matijevich on a signature bond with conditions that he not drive without a valid driver’s license and insurance.

A preliminary hearing was set for Jan. 14.