An Elkhorn teen accused of stealing items collected to help the homeless can later have his felony charges expunged, a Walworth County judge has ruled.

Zachary M. Dornbusch, 19, of 616 Estate Court, was sentenced Jan. 8 to four years of probation in connection to that case and other thefts he pleaded guilty to as part of an agreement, according to online court records.

He pleaded guilty to possessing burglarious tools in the theft of items the Elkhorn Lions Club had collected for the homeless, court records show.

He will be eligible for expungement on his felony charges if he successfully completes his probation without violations, pays back the money he owes and completes 240 hours of community service work.

Dornbusch also was sentenced to 90 days in jail with work release, court records show.

On top of pleading guilty to two counts of possessing burglarious tools—the felonies—he also pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and one count of obstructing an officer—misdemeanor charges.

Another Elkhorn teenager, Dillon L. Leonard, pleaded guilty to stealing from the Lions Club and also received a four-year probation sentence.

Police connected Dornbusch and others to a June 2018 theft of materials, such as backpacks, gloves and cases of soda, from the Lions Club’s area at the Walworth County Fairgrounds and another break-in at the fairgrounds in January 2017, according to court documents. The 2017 break-in led to stolen electronics.

Dornbusch has until March 8 to report for his jail sentence.