Tyler W. Clark, top right, appears from the Rock County Jail at his initial appearance in court Monday.


A former Clinton High School wrestling coach was acting “weird” and appeared intoxicated at practice Dec. 27, when he is accused of grabbing the crotch of a female wrestler and punching a male wrestler.

Tyler W. Clark, 36, of Beloit, wasn’t wearing a shirt, shoes or a mask during the alleged assaults, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Rock County Court.

The girl told police that when she joined the practice, Clark said very little but approached her and started wrestling, saying he would bite her neck and was grunting in a way that sounded sexual, according to the complaint.

Clark is not charged with sexual assault. He faces two counts of physical abuse of a child/intentionally causing bodily harm and two counts of disorderly conduct.

Court Commissioner Jack Hoag ordered a signature bond for Clark, and a condition of that bond is to not have any contact with children outside of his family.

Clark asked Hoag if he was allowed to have contact with his fiancée’s children, to which Hoag said no.

Conditions of his bond also include no contact with the victims in the case or Clinton schools. He is also not allowed to coach.

The girl told police Clark forcefully grabbed her crotch for a couple of seconds through her clothing during the practice, according to the complaint. She said it didn’t feel like it was accidental.

The girl said she tried to walk away, but Clark grabbed her and kept her from leaving. She later went to the bathroom, and another wrestler came in, asked her if everything was OK and then took her home, according to the complaint.

Surveillance video confirms Clark wrestled the girl for a few minutes and that she tried to get away several times, but it appears Clark kept her from doing so, the complaint states.

The video shows another incident in which Clark is seen bear-hugging a male wrestler while the boy tries to get away, and then Clark punches the boy in the stomach, according to the complaint.

The boy falls to the floor, and Clark kicks him, according to the complaint.

The boy later confirmed the incident and said Clark kicked him in the head, causing a lump.

The boy said Clark struck him again later in the practice and that Clark usually does “play around” but that Clark was more forceful than usual this time, according to the complaint.

Clark, who was not a staff member at the school, resigned his part-time coaching position the day after the incident, The Beloit Daily News reported.

Clark was a standout wrestler when he attended Beloit Turner High School in the early 2000s. He later wrestled for UW-Madison.

Clark coached at Orfordville Parkview High School before being named head wrestling coach at Clinton in 2016, according to a Beloit Daily News article.

Clark is next set to appear in court at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17, for an adjourned initial appearance.

This article was corrected at 4:26 p.m. Monday to reflect that Clark is accused of saying he would bite the girl’s neck.