The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office says it would like to arrest you if there’s a warrant for you, but sheriff’s officials won’t call you to ask for money to settle a warrant.

Deputies recently heard from a resident who got that call. It was, of course, a scam.

The man received a phone call from someone using the sheriff’s office phone number and saying he was an officer, according to a news release.

The caller said there was a warrant for the man’s arrest for a “lawsuit” and asked the man to call an attorney’s office with a 718 area code in order to settle the lawsuit out of court.

The man called the number and spoke with someone who said he was a “federal attorney,” according to the release.

The “attorney” told the man he had past-due debts and discussed methods of payment. The man questioned the legitimacy of the call, and the conversation ended, according to the release.

The man told deputies the people he spoke to had foreign-sounding accents, and they knew his email address.

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office will not call to ask for money to settle a warrant out of court, and phone numbers can be “spoofed,” or disguised, with a legitimate number, according to the release.

“If you receive a phone call similar to this, hang up and never give any personal information,” the sheriff’s office recommends. “Additionally, if you actually have a warrant for your arrest, you may be lucky enough to meet with one of our deputies IN PERSON to either be taken to the county jail or post a bond as required by the warrant.”