Protesters march Saturday in front of Frostie Freeze in Janesville.


About 12 people staged a protest in front of a popular Janesville ice cream store Saturday evening, suggesting people stay away from the business.

Protesters said they marched with signs on the sidewalk in front of Frostie Freeze, 1716 W. Court St., for about two hours.

Protester Alicia Clark said the business owner, Kip M. Lecher, who was convicted in 2003 of second-degree sexual assault of a child, should not be allowed to sell sweets to children.

Lecher declined to comment for this story.

Signs included the slogans “Break the silence” and “Stop supporting this sex offender.”

Police monitored the event from across the street and at one point intervened to keep protesters from blocking the driveway into the business.

A Rock County judge sentenced Lecher in 2003 to five years of probation, to include four months in jail with work release, and ordered him to pay $2,037 in restitution, court records show.

Conditions of Lecher’s probation, which has since expired, were to get alcohol and sex abuse counseling “as appropriate,” to hire no one under 18 years old and not to be alone with anyone aged 11 to 18.

Lecher, 66, of 1720 W. Court St., is listed on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry for life.