A chase that started in Janesville ended up in Beloit early Saturday morning as the driver escaped on foot, according to reports from Janesville police and Rock County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began around 3 a.m. when a woman called police to say a man with a gun was holding her hostage at a convenience store on Milton Avenue in Janesville.

The man fled at high speed, without the woman in the vehicle, as police approached. The vehicle traveled to the Five Points intersection and then south on Center Avenue and onto Highway 11 and Interstate 90/39, police said.

Sheriff’s deputies began a chase on the Interstate that ended at 349 W. Grand Ave. in Beloit, where the man fled on foot, according to reports.

Police could not confirm the woman’s initial report that she had been held at gunpoint, police Sgt. Dean Sukus said.

Officers in Beloit tracked the suspect and found a fanny pack with a gun inside. The gun had been stolen in Madison, Sukus said.

Janesville police and the sheriff’s office were still looking for the 19-year-old man as of last report.

The sheriff’s office listed potential charges of fleeing, receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana, underage alcohol consumption, false imprisonment and recklessly endangering safety.

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