No charges will be sought against a man who resisted police and ended up being shot in a March 26 incident in Janesville.

Christian A. Cargill, 27, of Owasso, Oklahoma, struggled with officers after they were called to the scene of a crash involving a pickup truck hauling a camper on Interstate 90/39.

District Attorney David O’Leary said any charges against Cargill would be misdemeanors, and it would involve bringing Cargill back from Oklahoma while he is working on mental health problems.

O’Leary said he left it to the police department to decide whether to pursue charges.

“We considered it but ultimately decided it was not worth bringing him back to Wisconsin,” the department’s Lt. Charles Aagaard said.

Cargill and wreckage from the crash ended up below the Interstate overpass of Highway 14.

Police found Cargill holding a knife, and Cargill at one point tried to cut his own throat, according to O’Leary’s summary of the investigation by the state Division of Criminal Investigation.

After numerous attempts to disarm him, including Tasing and pepper spray, Cargill approached officers with the knife, and officer Lyle Hollingshead shot him twice, once in his leg and once in his shoulder.

O’Leary announced his opinion April 20 that the shooting was justified.

The police department is conducting its own review of the incident. Results have not yet been announced.