Janesville on Monday released these surveillance photos of two women suspected of trying to cash a check in Delavan on Thursday as part of suspected 'felony lane gange' activity.

Felony lane gang activity has been noted around southern Wisconsin in recent days, Janesville police said.

The information arose after Janesville police sent out an alert about probable theft and fraud committed in Janesville and Delavan on Thursday.

New information suggests the same women in a dark-colored Nissan Altima with stolen Wisconsin plate ACY8467 were in the Brookfield area Tuesday afternoon cashing stolen checks, Janesville police said in an update Wednesday morning.

“Other law enforcement sources state the group had been in Madison around the date of the Janesville incident and are now in the greater Milwaukee/Racine area,” the alert continues. “Similar activity has also been reported in the Fox Valley recently.”

In the Janesville incident, a woman’s purse was stolen from her car while she was at a health club. Her ID was later used in an attempt to cash a check at a Delavan credit union.

Police have dubbed this kind of theft/fraud operation as ‘felony lane gang’ because perpetrators like to use the outside lane of bank drive-thrus.

Typically, the operation starts with a break-in/theft from a car in which IDs and/or checks are stolen. The IDs are later used to cash checks, with women posing as the people on the ID cards.