A Middleton man accused of stabbing his co-worker in the village of Darien last fall pleaded guilty Monday to a felony battery charge.

The jury trial of Jason W. Thomas, 42, had been scheduled to start this week. He is accused of stabbing David Barrett about 20 times during a fight Sept. 6.

A charge of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon was dismissed and read in.

Stephen Compton, Thomas’ lawyer, called the result “very fair.”

Thomas had been scheduled to go on trial Wednesday, and notes about a hearing from July 1 said any change of plea needed to be by July 5.

The criminal complaint says Thomas and Barrett had been “feuding for about two months” before the stabbing. They worked for an unspecified “carnival.”

When police responded to the West Park area, Thomas said he was the one police were looking for, according to the complaint.

Barrett appeared to have stab wounds in his lower back and a few more in his stomach and was going in and out of consciousness, the complaint states.

Police reported finding blood on the exterior door handle of Thomas’ trailer and another drop inside. They also found a knife in a portable toilet that had been drained, according to the complaint.

Barrett while in the hospital said the two had been wrestling.

Assistant District Attorney Timothy Suha said restitution will be requested for Barrett, but the amount had not been determined.

Thomas will be sentenced at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 3. Compton said the agreement allows the prosecution to argue for prison but not recommend a specific length of sentence.