A Janesville man who was shot by a homeowner during a burglary in 2005 was caught by another homeowner during a burglary on Friday, according to a criminal complaint.

Kurt E. Prochaska, 52, of 417 Rockport Road, Janesville, was charged Monday in Rock County Court with burglary and criminal damage to property.

A man and wife who live in the 2100 block of Hillcrest Drive on Janesville’s east side came home Friday afternoon to find a storm door to their garage and a window into the house broken.

The man told his wife to call 911 while he went inside because he was concerned about their jewelry, according to the complaint.

The man found the jewelry had been gone through and saw a man standing near a window, holding a pillowcase, according to the complaint.

The homeowner said if the burglar would put down the pillowcase, he would not call police, hoping to calm the situation and keep him and his wife safe, according to the complaint.

The burglar agreed, and the homeowner watched him flee through backyards, according to the complaint.

The wife said she heard her husband yelling then saw a man in a mask leaving the house, according to the complaint.

The husband told police the value of the jewelry in the pillowcase was about $20,000.

Police later arrested Prochaska as he was talking to a woman in the 700 block of Winnebago Drive, wearing bib overalls and orange gloves the couple had described and wearing a mask that had been folded for use as a hat, according to the complaint.

In the 2005 incident, Prochaska pried open a roof vent on Halloween night and climbed into the attic before falling through the ceiling into the living room of the home, which contained a couple and their three children.

The husband awoke, saw Prochaska in a hallway, yelled repeatedly for him to leave, and when he didn’t, he got a pistol, removed the gun lock, loaded the weapon and again yelled at him to leave, and when he didn’t, fired one shot, police said at the time.

The bullet struck Prochaska near the spine, cracking a vertebra and lodging near his rib cage.

District Attorney David O’Leary decided the homeowner acted in self defense.

A jury found Prochaska guilty, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison and four years of extended supervision.

Prochaska unsuccessfully sued the man who shot him, claiming excessive force was used.

Prochaska was held on a $3,000 cash bond after his initial court appearance Monday.