Three people were driving from Chicago to Madison early on a Sunday last August when their car crashed in a construction zone in the town of La Prairie.

Myeshia Allen, 27, apparently survived the crash on Interstate 90/39, and her fellow travelers were trying to get her out of the back seat when a semitrailer truck crashed into the car, according to a criminal complaint filed in Rock County Court on Monday.

Allen was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital.

Terrance T. Gullens, 39, said he was a front-seat passenger, and the third traveler, Tanecia Day, was driving.

Day also told the State Patrol she was driving, according to the complaint, but DNA evidence from the front-seat airbags told a different story, and Gullens and Day eventually admitted they had lied, according to the complaint.

Gullens was charged in Rock County Court on Monday with homicide by negligent driving and driving while revoked, causing death.

The complaint tells a story of poor decisions and unfortunate events.

The crash involved four vehicles. It occurred around 4:30 a.m. Aug. 5 at the 177 mile marker, where the two northbound lanes were bordered by concrete jersey barriers with narrow shoulders, according to the complaint.

Gullens was driving a Hyundai Accent. The other two vehicles were a Ford Escape SUV and a Mercedes sedan.

The Ford’s driver said he saw a car coming up fast behind him and tapped his brakes in warning, but Gullens’ car hit the Ford, according to the complaint.

The Mercedes driver told a trooper he tried to avoid the two crashed cars but hit one of them and stopped about 100 yards farther north.

Both the Ford and Mercedes drivers saw the semitrailer truck hit the Hyundai.

The semi driver said he was on cruise control at 55 mph when his headlights showed him a car in the right lane, so he braked and moved to the left before he saw a car in that lane, too. He braked harder but hit one of the cars, according to the complaint.

Crash data from the Hyundai showed it was going 91 to 93 mph at the time of the crash and that the brakes were not in use, according to the complaint. The Ford’s data showed it was going 61 mph.

Gullens admitted Jan. 9 that he was the driver. He said he had almost no sleep in the 24 hours leading up to the crash and fell asleep while driving.

Day also admitted lying and said she had been driving and almost crashed, so she switched places with Gullens, according to the complaint.

Gullens described Allen as injured and moaning after the initial crash. She got tangled in the seat belt, and he had to jump away as the big truck approached, he said, according to the complaint.

Gullens had a third-offense intoxicated driving conviction on his record at the time of the crash, and his license had been revoked, according to the complaint.

Gullens is in a state prison in Stanley on an unrelated Dane County conviction, online records indicate.