A Lake Geneva woman convicted last year of using a debit card in someone else’s name has been charged again in Walworth County Court with spending more than $20,000 in other fraudulent transactions.

The new set of charges filed April 24 against Heather M. Faust accuse her of using various financial cards in the name of someone she knows at about the same time as the crimes she was convicted for last year.

But this time, Faust, 43, of 1015 Tolman St., stands charged with four counts of identity theft for financial gain and one count of theft of more than $10,000 between April 2018 and January 2019.

Police said in March 2019 they learned of transactions Faust made using the money and financial cards in the name of someone she knows, the same victim from the case last year. She also reportedly stole $1,300 from the wallet of someone else she knows.

The Gazette does not identify victims in most crime stories.

The cards Faust is accused of using without permission include a Kohl’s card, a Best Buy card, a debit card, a Discover card and a Walmart card, according to the complaint.

Faust had permission to use the debit card for groceries and some other items, but the charges went well beyond those, the complaint states. Faust told police she had permission to make the purchases she did.

Charges on the various cards, according to the complaint, reached as much as:

  • Town Bank debit card: $15,550.
  • Best Buy card: $6,058.
  • Discover: At least $2,500 but possibly more.
  • Kohl’s card: $911.

A total for the Walmart card was not listed.

One of the victims told police she did not make purchases listed in her name in Rock County, nor did she spend the money listed on iTunes, Amazon, Groupon or Victoria’s Secret, according to the complaint.

It was not immediately clear why these charges came a year after prosecutors brought the 2019 case.

In her 2019 case, Faust was sentenced in August to 40 days in jail with work release and three years of probation after prosecutors said she spent more than $2,000 on the victim’s debit card, court records show.

She is scheduled to make her initial appearance on the new charges at 1:15 p.m. June 8.