Jeremiah Kemper, right, wears handcuffs during a Rock County Court appearance with his attorney, Jason Sanders, on Sept. 19. Kemper was not in court Friday because he is being treated at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh, Sanders said.


A Rock County judge Friday dismissed charges against a homeless man who refused to leave the Monterey Bridge and then Monterey Park for weeks as the man continues to receive mental health treatment.

Jeremiah J. Kemper, 34, is currently at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh, said his attorney, Jason Sanders.

Judge Karl Hanson agreed with recommendations from the Rock County District Attorney’s Office and the city of Janesville to dismiss all the charges and citations filed against Kemper, who was deemed not competent to proceed with court matters and unlikely to regain competency.

As long ago as April, social workers and police tried to get Kemper to stop camping on city property. Police said they believed Kemper had enough resources to find an apartment but chose not to do so.

Police said they could not force Kemper to leave, but they issued citations against him.

Kemper was charged after police arrested him in connection with a July 17 incident, when they said Kemper held a knife over his head and told a man who was fishing with his family that he was an undercover officer.

The criminal case against Kemper is likely over for now, but proceedings to determine what his mental health care looks like will continue.