A rural Janesville woman sold puppies infected with a deadly virus, and one of them died after she sold it to a Port Washington couple, according to Rock County Court documents.

Nicole L. Musick, 40, was charged in Rock County Court on Monday with mistreating animals, a misdemeanor.

The couple told a sheriff’s deputy they bought two puppies from Musick last year, and one had to be euthanized because of complications from canine parvovirus, according to the criminal complaint.

The second puppy also had the virus, but treatment saved him, according to the complaint.

Rock County sheriff’s Deputy Bambi Stoikes, who specializes in animal cases, said parvovirus kills puppies but usually does not affect adult dogs that have been vaccinated.

“It’s highly contagious and almost always deadly to puppies,” Stoikes said.

One victim wrote to the court about the case: “My family, which includes my wife, 12-year-old daughter and myself, have all been devastated over this situation. We have shed tears, lost sleep and even missed days of work.”

A Monticello couple also bought a dog from Musick last year, and it had to be euthanized because of parvovirus, according to a civil case they filed against Musick.

The couple won their small-claims case when Musick did not appear in court, but Musick successfully filed for it to be reopened.

The couple dropped their lawsuit, writing to the court they had lost valuable days of work, didn’t think Musick could repay them, and they had become Christians and believed they should forgive her.

Musick has been found guilty of not providing sufficient water and dogs running at large, court records indicate.

Musick said after her hearing Monday that those cases happened when her father was dying, and dogs tipped over their water.

She told Court Commissioner Larry Barton she has four adult dogs and needs to keep dogs to earn a living.

Barton noted previous offenses and the fact that a veterinarian had diagnosed the virus. He ruled Musick could not keep dogs until her case is resolved.

Musick told The Gazette she runs a dog rescue, and she never knows what she’s getting when she takes in new dogs. She said she took in 99 puppies over the course of one year, and only two had parvovirus.

Musick gave the court a mailing address of 929 W. Terrington Drive, south of Janesville, and the scene of the alleged offense, but she indicated she is living elsewhere.

Stoikes said Musick no longer lives in the sheriff’s office’s jurisdiction.

Beloit police report citing Musick for possession of a dangerous animal and animal running at large June 1 after receiving a dog-bite complaint in the 1100 block of 10th Street.