Taylor Fraunfelder


A man accused of supplying the drugs for two overdoses—one of them fatal—was arrested Tuesday by Janesville police

Police took Taylor L. Fraunfelder, 23, into custody after contacting him at 609 E. Milwaukee St.

Police arrested him on charges of first-degree reckless homicide, two counts of recklessly endangering safety, two counts of delivering less than 3 grams of heroin and child neglect.

Janesville resident Derek A. Kraabel, 29, died in March from an overdose of heroin that Fraunfelder supplied, police believe.

Fraunfelder also supplied the fentanyl—an opioid—that led to a nonfatal overdose, as well, Lt. Charles Aagaard told the Gazette.

Fraunfelder had drug paraphernalia in a room where he and a child were sleeping at the residence, which led to the child neglect charge, Aagaard said.

Aagaard declined to characterize the extent of Fraunfelder’s drug-dealing activities but said from the instances police know about, the amounts he supplied were small.

Police found social media communications that led them to suspect Fraunfelder in the death, and Fraunfelder admitted on Tuesday that he supplied the drugs in both the overdoses, Aagaard said.

In the non-fatal case, police have a witness that said Fraunfelder supplied the fentanyl, Aagaard said.

Fraunfelder has no permanent residence police know of, and it appeared he was “crashing” at the East Milwaukee Street address, Aagaard said.

Police have other open investigations into other overdose deaths, but Aagaard said to get a conviction, police have to have evidence showing first that a person supplied the drug and then that particular dose was the one that caused the death.

“So often … it’s so hard to connect those two that it takes, it takes a lot of investigations and a lot of resources,” Aagaard said.

The police department’s street crimes unit took over the investigation once they suspected the death was connected to heroin, Aagaard said.

Fraunfelder was being at the Rock County Jail pending his initial court appearance, which could come as early as Thursday.