Based on information in a news release issued by the Janesville Police Department Sunday, The Gazette reported on its website that three Janesville men were arrested as a result of police and probation officers visiting 75 residences of registered sex offenders “to verify compliance with conditions related to their registered status and rules during Halloween Trick or Treat Hours.” The home visits took place between 4:30 and 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

However, after failing to find the three men listed on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registery, The Gazette sought more information from the police department. A Gazette reporter was redirected to the DOC.

DOC Communications Director John Beard confirmed that the three men arrested were not registered sex offenders.

On Thursday, the police department replaced on its website the original news release—which was titled “Halloween Sex Offender Home Visits”—about its officers assisting probation and patrol agents conducting the 75 home visits. The new release—retaining the same Oct. 31 time stamp and retitled “Halloween Probationary Home Visits”—said, “The purpose was to visit residences of people on supervised probation through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.”

The new release did not refer to the three individuals as sex offenders. The revised press release said the same three men were arrested for violations “related to their probation status during the Halloween Trick or Treat Hours.”

The three Janesville men were identified as Tyler Dix, 27; Kevin Lewis, 45; and Antorn Roby Sr., 44, of Janesville.

The Gazette obtained case reports that briefly describe the arrests.

Dix and Roby were reportedly taken into custody for unspecified probation violations.

Lewis was arrested, according to his case report, after officers “observed orange pumpkins outside of the house on the steps as well as window decoration that said ‘trick or treat’ on the front door.”

The amended news release said Lewis, like the other men, was taken into custody for noncompliance with his probation status and transported to the Rock County Jail.

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