U.S. marshals arrested a Janesville homicide suspect in Jackson, Tennessee, on Monday, Janesville police said.

Corvasie S. Weaver, 24, of 613 W. Racine St., Janesville, is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the killing of James C. Chestnut III, 40, on Jan. 5.

Marshals traced Weaver to a house in Jackson, said Janesville police Lt. Charles Aagaard. Aagaard would not reveal how the marshals did so.

Marshals went to the house, announced themselves and called for Weaver to come out, which he did without incident, Aagaard said.

Police had asked the U.S. Marshals Service for help in finding Weaver, Aagaard said.

Witnesses told police Weaver and Chestnut fought at a birthday party at 613 W. Racine St. and moved outside as the fight progressed, and then shots were heard, according to the criminal complaint.

One witness said the fight started over the party running out of alcohol.

Chestnut, who was shot in the torso, walked a short distance before collapsing at the intersection of Racine and Cherry streets, the complaint states.

Aagaard said he expects Weaver will be brought back to Janesville for court proceedings, but it was too early Tuesday to know whether Weaver would oppose extradition from Tennessee. Court proceedings in Tennessee or in Wisconsin could be delayed because of the coronavirus emergency.

Aagaard said police will decide whether to send someone to interview Weaver in Tennessee or wait until he is returned.

While Weaver’s address is listed as the site of the party, Janesville police have said his last known address was in Joliet, Illinois.